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What is event photography? Includes such events as awards dinners, Christmas parties, tournaments, association fun days, community, elections, company picnics, games, races, horse shows, and more.

Event Photography:   $100 per hour 3 hour minimum, gas money for travel outside of 45 mins from studio. 1 photographer, additional student photographer $50/hour.  Guaranteed dates.  Photos are available on line or at the event purchased on a memory stick. If the event host would like to pre pay for all of the images and have them available for all the participants free of charge this is a great way to market your event and the prices are reasonable. Under special circumstances printing can be done at an event at extra cost, however we find it is digitals that people want for immediate online use.

Horse Clinics: Wendy attends the clinic and sets a bulk clinic price based on the clinic topic and number of days. Every effort is made to save bulk images onto a memory stick before the end of the clinic for those who indicate at the start of the clinic that they would like their images, for others it will be a digital image following the clinic. Individual images are not for sale. Upgrades to include a horse and or rider mini session is available which personalizes the experience even more so.

Volunteer Event Photography:   When we are asked to attend and photograph an event without being paid by the host, then it is considered volunteer.  In this case if a paying event or wedding is booked, it will take priority.  Images are put online for the participants to purchase at event pricing and may do so for 6 months following the event.  Images can also be put on memory sticks prices vary depending on the events length, other wise images are distributed via digital downloads.


  • $6 empty memory sticks are available for people to purchase at events offering digitals.
  • images are supplied to the organizers for marketing the events.
  • photographers apreciate being offered an event worker package. If judges are offered shade/chair/refreshment then so should the photographer.
  • those attending the event using SLR cameras are asked to follow proper photography etiquette and not shoot the shots the event photographer is shooting and to limit shots to family.
  • shooting events for free is not a “get rich quick scheme” it’s long hot/cold work with many hours of editing and uploading after the event, it is the work of people passionate about photography and should not be taken for granted. All it takes is for one person to start shooting and posting images on facebook and the event photographer has nill income for thier time and effort, I am greatful that the events that I continue to shoot are very respectful.






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