Here are a few shots we did for the Flying Chestnut and the Flying Spatula Restaurants … “Highly Recommend” these restaurants, they are fantastic … call ahead for reservations 519-924-1809



” The Flying Chestnut Kitchen, I believe will be a wonderful addition to our area. The food is unbelievable, the staff is warm and inviting, and it is a breath of fresh air to our area. The Flying Chestnut Kitchen is open Thursday – Sunday 5pm – 11pm, Saturday and Sunday brunch will be served from 11am-3pm. If you are interested in coming out to this restaurant and trying the amazing fare for yourself bring cash as it is a cash only restaurant, and be sure to make a reservation as it has  limited seating and we would hate to see you miss out on the amazing food. Call Shawn at 519-924-1809 to make reservations. Hope to see you all there!” Kristen Bryan