Wow, 89 tiny horses and ponies gathered for the first annual Ontario Small Equines Show Association show in at Ancaster Fair Grounds.  About 130 classes were in a jam packed day with three judges judging each class.  We saw everything, showmanship, lead line, driving, trail, jumping, and a free lunging class called liberty which was poinies and mini’s having a blast galloping like little demons to 60 seconds of music then allowing themselves to be caught by there owners.  Emma almost brought home a little buckskin like her horse Zil, she thought he was the best horse there, sure enough he owned some ribbons by the end of the day.

Looking for proofs?  They are loading and will be up late in the day Sunday or Monday … rural internet is only so hi speed! Here is the link, the computer went to sleep so they are now being reloaded one folder at a time

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