iPad Covers

iPad Covers
Introducing iPad Covers from Simply Color Lab
iPad Covers are a great addition to any product lineup that will set you apart from the crowd and offer your clients a fun & unique way to customize and Cover their iPads with your amazing images.We offer two different iPad Cover options:
Snap-On Silicone Covers – This slim profile cover has a Printed Metal Insert in a hard plastic shell that has a soft-silicone feel and is designed to fit the iPad 2 and iPad 3 (also known as the “New iPad”). This cover contains openings for the camera lens and any buttons or ports that need accessed. This cover does not cover the touch-screen portion of the iPad & is compatible with Smart Covers.

$125.00Soft Folio Stand Covers – Available for iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3. This cover not only protects the iPad, it also doubles as a stand with three adjustable stand settings, so propping it up for use is easy. It is made with a smooth fabric cover, leatherette back and microsuede interior & spine. Please note that although the iPad 1 will fit into the Soft Folio Stand Cover, there is a camera hole fabricated on all Soft Folio Stand Covers, which the iPad 1 does not have…but all ports are still accessible. Please note that the iPad 1 is a bit thicker than the iPad 2 and iPad 3…the iPad 1 will fit a bit more snug in this case.  After a few days the case will stretch slightly to accommodate this.

Front Image of Soft Folio Stand iPad Cover

Important Notes about iPad CoversSimply Color Lab offers the highest quality available in the industry. However, iPad Covers are produced using different processes from our Fine Art Prints. And therefore you should not expect the same print quality on ours or other suppliers of these products. The Hard Plastic Covers have a metal printed insert and the Soft Folio Stand Covers have a fabric printed surface. Prints on the Metal Inserts and Fabric will obviously not have the same quality or sharpness as our Fine Art Prints. Slight inconsistencies may occur due to the printing process. For the metal insert these may occasionally appear as small bumps or bubbles due to the white basecoat that is used on all Metal Inserts in order to give the images their true colors. For fabric this may appear as normal fabric inconsistencies and will also affect the sharpness of the image. Each print is quality-inspected to minimize these imperfections. These are acceptable and expected parts of the process and final products. All iPad Covers are to be considered as a decorative Cover and while it will provide some protection for your iPad, it is in no way intended to guard against any and all damage.