Fun and different weddings?    I’m in!  I LOVE photographing weddings!

There really isn’t anything like photographing weddings, I simply love all the excitement that builds up to the big day.  Everyone is looking their best and putting their best foot forward to make this the best day possible for the bride and groom, and to be able to capture these special moments is such an honour.  I truly love the challenging photography and having many gadgets while  knowing how to use them to ensure your photos turn out great.   I can’t wait to hear your plans for your wedding, if I can help stream line or with photographic suggestion, I would be happy to share.  All weddings come with a pre wedding shoot or engagement shoot which can include all your four legged furry friends or people that might not be attending the wedding. This also gives you time to tell me all about the days plans and if we need to modify anything we can start here.

Download Wedding Brochure pdf here: Wedding Brochure


Wendy always enjoys ideas that Brides come up with, it’s what makes each wedding unique. The are many places to view the latest trends such as pinterest, go for it, be creative!  Will you be having your dog, cat, or horse in the pre wedding shoot, sounds great! Is you favourite pet a horse? No worries, sometimes they are at the wedding and sometimes an after wedding shoot gives you more time to set up a creative shot and saves the dress on your wedding day.



Getting Ready Photos (Approx. 1 hour)
Bridal Photos (30-45 min)
Bride and Groom Photos (30-45 minutes)
Bride Side Formal Photos (30-45 min)
Groom Side Formal Photos (30-45 min)

Group photo of everyone attending (20 min)

Friends and extendended family (30 min)
Guests Arriving/Standby for Ceremony (15-20 min) Ceremony (30-60 min)

Candids at the reception hall and details (60min)

Bride and Groom

Formal bridal portrait

Formal groom portrait

Seeing each other the first time “The Reveal”

Bride and Groom embracing

Bride and Groom walking, holding hands

Bride and Groom Kissing

Close up of the rings on B/G

Groom and Groomsman

Bride getting ready

Bridal Party


Formal Entire Bridal party

Silly entire Bridal Party

Groomsmen and Groom

Bridesmaids and Bride Bridesmaids

Flower girl portrait and Ring bearer portrait

Family Formals

Extended family together

Brides extended family with B/G

Grooms Extended family with B/G

Bride with parents      Groom with parents
B/G with both sets of parents  B/G with grandparents
B/G with siblings

Pre Wedding Shoot

Wendy always meets the bride and groom before the wedding and takes some photos, sometimes this is refered to as an engagement shoot.  Why? To practice posses, to get a feel for what the Bride and Groom’s tastes are, to know what to target on the wedding day so photos are done in a timely fashion so you can get to the party. You get these photos complimentary to use at your wedding, on invitations, or however you please.  Sometimes these are done months in advance, and sometimes as close to the wedding as the rehearsal dinner which is the case when the couple has to fly in from over seas.


I no longer email or post my wedding prices, what i can tell you is that they are very fair, very simple , very unique to you wedding and situation.  Every wedding is personal, every wedding has a time line and budget, every wedding has dreams.

Let’s meet for coffee, tell me about yourselves and the day you have planned, we can work together to create images that are designed with your day in mind.

Warm regrads,

Wendy Webb


Collingwood, Thornbury, Blue Mountains, Wasaga, Beaver Valley, Markdale, Flesherton, Eugenia, Owend Sound, Meaford, Stayner, Grey County, Simcoe, Bruce County


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